22:43 05-05-2018
L,L &R from Poland!! Support Your Local Piotr!
11:13 21-12-2017
My whole family and I wish all BF ers WW a superb and safe 2018

11:16 17-11-2017


BFMC 151
Sweet site.
04:31 23-10-2017


BFMC Chapter 159, Yorktown Va
Was great to meet you PH Miles, if I ever make to that side of the water will look you up and have a Coors light with you
20:19 14-10-2017
I am very interested in your club. How can i be in contact with you?
Replied on: 05:43 18-10-2017

Hi, just send me a message with your contact information to and I will pass the information on so we can get in contact with you.

02:27 11-07-2017
Dikke proficiat aan alle leden van de club die afgelopen weekend te gast waren in het Exelshof te Eksel.
Nooit geziene structuur, jullie zijn overal welkom
12:46 09-05-2017
L,L & R from Poland!! all the best!! support your local Piotr!!
21:53 18-01-2017


great rides & safe miles
greats from a crzay rockband
"high level"

21:42 04-01-2017
I wish the Boozefighters all the best in 2017

Replied on: 20:58 07-01-2017

Thx Rene. Same to you and your family from the whole Chapter 116.

17:47 22-11-2016
Condoleance with the loss off Easy

21:50 06-11-2016


Ich bin geschockt und traurig.!
Sorry Bro's das ich am sa. nicht persönlich kommen konnte.!
Ich wünsche seiner Familie all die kraft um das durch zustehen.!
L&R to my Brothers
Boozefighter Millennium #120 Germany
22:21 03-09-2016


Boozefighters MC
I am so proud of my Belgium Brothers. The Lions Chapter is doing so well, and I want to wish my Belgium Brothers the best.
Until we meet or meet again, "Boozefighters Up!"
L&R, Boozefighter Padre
10:50 26-08-2016
longue vie au Boozefighters MC #116. L,H&R
21:56 25-04-2016


ALL THE BEST TO ALL BFMC EUROPE!!! SPECIAL TO BELGIUM! proud support Piotr from Poland
12:55 24-03-2016
Easter greetings to all of you


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